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Winter Wedding Linen Options

Winter Wedding Linen Options

Winter wedding planning already? YES. Believe it or not venues are already booked a year to two years out so It’s never too early to plan the look of your reception location. Don’t think you are stuck with red, maroon, white or black only. It is perfectly acceptable to use bright, cool colors for your winter reception. Remember, you don’t want your special day to be the same as everyone else’s so go for it! Accent your primary color scheme with silver, gold and pearl. Try blue tones as well as green and a mixture of lighter blue and brown colors. There are so many color combinations you can experiment with.  A lovely silver, gold or natural Manzanita centerpiece works well with any color and can be used with any theme and can be adorned with anything from crystals and pearls to mini lights, ribbon and lace. Idea; why not place hand crafted note cards with a ribbon at each place setting and have your guests write some words of wisdom for the new couple with instructions to the guests to hang their wishes.


Banquet hall decorated for wedding in white and blue.