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Wedding Theme Trends

Wedding Theme Trends

I’ve been researching current wedding theme trends and have listed just a few below.

Beach themes are still popular whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding. Shells, starfish and even the use of fish netting are popular. This is a fun theme and you can really go all out. Use coral colored linens and a mixture of navy blue, silver and light blue to create an indoor paradise.

Glitz and Glam themes are very popular with the use of sequined linens and accessories. Sequined linens come in a wide variety of colors to create the look you want. Mixing black sequin and gold or black and silver creates a look of luxury for an evening reception. Candlelight enhances the look and really creates a sparkle.

Rustic themes are very “in” right now. Rent linens with a burlap look to create the classic rustic look. I advise against real burlap if possible for a full table covering. If you are set on using “real” burlap, consider using a linen with the look of burlap and add a real burlap runner over it. Burlap has fibers that might cause irritation to the arms or elbows and fibers might cause allergic reactions as well as respiratory issues. So accent with burlap but when it comes to a main linen such as a full table cloth or overlay go with a fabric that has the look of burlap but not the fibers.

Diamonds and Pearls theme is geared towards a formal reception. Think black and white, silver or gold with accents of crystals and pearls. So classy and always in style. Ask your linen coordinator for suggestions on how to create a lovely table setting to remember.

These are just a few on the list. Really it’s up to you. There are no rules just go for it!!!