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Charger Plates

What the heck are charger plates?Charger plates are a sophisticated addition to your table. The charger is placed at the table setting first and lays under the main meal plate. This look gives a nice dimension and keeps tables from looking empty until the meal is served. We have a number of styles and colors to… View more

To Bling or Not to Bling

To bling or not to bling…that is the question. What do I mean by bling? Occasions has a number of sparkly selections to choose from for your table linens. Sequened table runners and chair bands add some shine in the candle light. If you want more sparkle try full sequened table cloths! These items can… View more

The “other ring”…..

The “other ring”…..

Let’s talk the other ring….. A Napkin ring! For special occasions in our home we use napkin rings. Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving dinner, Easter dinner etc…how about our bigger events? How many weddings have you been to that the napkins actually had napkin rings? EXACTLY! Do it! We have a gorgeous selection of napkin rings that… View more

Baby Shower

A baby shower to remember. Special linens for a baby shower?? OF COURSE! Imagine the impact! Coordinating table linens really give your baby shower a unique feel. If you are the one designated in planning, ask the parents to be what colors, theme, feel they would like and go for it. Reveal showers are the… View more