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Charger Plates

What the heck are charger plates?Charger plates are a sophisticated addition to your table. The charger is placed at the table setting first and lays under the main meal plate. This look gives a nice dimension and keeps tables from looking empty until the meal is served. We have a number of styles and colors to… View more

Winter Wedding Linen Options

Winter wedding planning already? YES. Believe it or not venues are already booked a year to two years out so It’s never too early to plan the look of your reception location. Don’t think you are stuck with red, maroon, white or black only. It is perfectly acceptable to use bright, cool colors for your… View more


Candelabras are my favorite. Not just because I had them as centerpieces at my own wedding but I think they add class and elegance to any wedding reception. Draped with pearls and crystals with a couple of votives at the base of the candelabra give a gorgeous glow. When the lights go dim the look… View more

Planning Your Linen Rental

When should you rent your linens? It’s safe to say that the sooner your reserve your linen rentals the better. I would say that 6-8 months ahead of time is sufficient. If you are a worrier 9-12 months prior to your event. This ensures that you will have your linens reserved for the day you… View more

The Definition of an event.

The Definition of an event.

The definition of an event is “a thing that happens, especially one of importance”. YES!! Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, anniversary or birthday we want our events to be the best. The look and feel of your event will be captured in pictures. With social media being king, hundreds of people can instantly get… View more

Does Size Matter?

Does size really matter? The size of your event does weigh in on your stress level. In fact it’s almost more stressful to plan a smaller event because the focus is more centralized. The key is good planning. Get a notebook, nothing fancy, write everything down. Start with your theme. Is it a corporate event?… View more