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Author: tammy

Summer Weddings

Let’s talk summer outdoor weddings. The trendy theme is the “natural” “green” look. Burlap runners, wooden folding chairs and burlap sashes. Add a sprig of fresh wild flowers or dried flowers in the bow of the sash and you have a lovely natural look. Add splashes of hot pinks and pistachio colors to your table… View more

Planning Your Linen Rental

When should you rent your linens? It’s safe to say that the sooner your reserve your linen rentals the better. I would say that 6-8 months ahead of time is sufficient. If you are a worrier 9-12 months prior to your event. This ensures that you will have your linens reserved for the day you… View more

The “other ring”…..

The “other ring”…..

Let’s talk the other ring….. A Napkin ring! For special occasions in our home we use napkin rings. Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving dinner, Easter dinner etc…how about our bigger events? How many weddings have you been to that the napkins actually had napkin rings? EXACTLY! Do it! We have a gorgeous selection of napkin rings that… View more

Baby Shower

A baby shower to remember. Special linens for a baby shower?? OF COURSE! Imagine the impact! Coordinating table linens really give your baby shower a unique feel. If you are the one designated in planning, ask the parents to be what colors, theme, feel they would like and go for it. Reveal showers are the… View more

Chair Covers

Chair covers are always in. There are several different styles and a wide variety colors to choose from. Banquet style chair covers fit banquet chairs, thus the name! A banquet chair is generally rounded at the top so it’s important to know what style chair you will be using to ensure proper fitting covers. Folding… View more

Chocolate Brown Linens

Dark chocolate is not just a candy! Dark chocolate brown is so much fun to work with and the possibilities are endless! You can pair up chocolate with bright colors, pastels, silver and gold. My favorite? I personally like several different options. Brown and hot pink, brown and light blue and brown paired with mint… View more

Breath In…Hold….Exhale

Brides……Take a deep breath. You will be bombarded with the thoughts, feelings, suggestions and opinions by MANY people. Keep in mind that this is your and your fiancés special day. You have to be happy with the final outcome. Once the pictures are taken you can’t go back and change anything. So go with your… View more

The Definition of an event.

The Definition of an event.

The definition of an event is “a thing that happens, especially one of importance”. YES!! Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, anniversary or birthday we want our events to be the best. The look and feel of your event will be captured in pictures. With social media being king, hundreds of people can instantly get… View more

Does Size Matter?

Does size really matter? The size of your event does weigh in on your stress level. In fact it’s almost more stressful to plan a smaller event because the focus is more centralized. The key is good planning. Get a notebook, nothing fancy, write everything down. Start with your theme. Is it a corporate event?… View more

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